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          Highlander, Highland lynx, kitten

DOB:  10 January 2011




Short Tail

Curled ears

$700.00 (Pet Price)


highlander kitten available

Zim is equal parts play and love.  It appears that she is going to grow up to be a rather large cat.  Please keep this in mind when considering a purchase.  

Highlander kitten

Zim is pictured above showing off her great markings, and her short little tail.   

available highlander

Zim shows off her lovely profile in this photo.

I thought her eyes would stay blue like her Daddy, however, I think they are going to be green or aqua at this point. 



DOB:  10 January 2011




Long Tail

Straight Ears





Girr is play, play, play most of the time.  She is high energy and loves everyone and everything!

Girr would make a wonderful lively addition to any active family!  The entertainment value of this kitty is tremendous!   




If you would like to be put on our Highlander Waiting List, please send me and email and we will add your name.  These kittens really go fast, so don't hesitate!

The Highlander finds its background rooted in the Hyland Lynx, and it is the complete package, beautiful, domestic yet it has a distinctly different and wild look, it is loving, entertaining, physically sound, and is so much fun.  This is a very adaptable and loving breed that is equally happy in a very active or a very quite home. They get along well with children and other pets.  Here at Forever Kittens we will continue to strive to achieve the TICA breed standards for the Highlander and share these wonderful cats with the public!






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Forever Kittens Cattery has decided to offer a wonderful new breed to our clients!  As many of you know, we have a great love for the curled eared variety of cat, this interest attracted to us a lovely rare breed known as the Highlander cat.   

Highlander Cats have Natural Short tails, Curled Ears and can be rather large sized. 

About the Highlander Cat

The "Highlander" TICA Preliminary New Breed.  Beginning May 1, 2008, look for the Highlander at a TICA show near you.  Companion, breeding and show kittens are available from the reputable Highlander breeders listed on the Highlander Breeder Website.  If purchasing your Highlander from breeders not listed on the Highlander Breeder's website, ask for proof of TICA registration before you buy.  If they  cannot provide proof of TICA registration it is NOT A HIGHLANDER!  
History Of The Highlander Cat
The Highlander breed first began development in 2004 with it roots tracing back to the Highland Lynx.  A breeder developed the Highland Lynx in 1993 and although given the name that included " Lynx", these domestics cats were not of any lynx ancestry.

The cats immediately attracted interest because of their devoted playful personalities, their unique looks and stature.   These cats are a perfect package so to speak for many cat lovers!!!! 

**Please note, these cats are NOT munchkin hybrids and are the same size (or larger)  and leg length of normal domestic cats. 

**It is important that you understand that I will NOT be docking the tails of cats born without a natural short tail.  They will come to you with the tail they were born with ~ whether it be Natural Short Tail or not.:)  The cats born with long tails can be used in breeding programs when bred with Natural Short Tail cats.  The length of the tail does NOT affect the cats wonderful personality, health, or coloration:))  

Seen Below is the Breeding Pair we acquired from TAARAS Highlanders   Thank You Robin for sharing these lovely cats with us.  



Our Stud

 Divinci Of Taaras Male Seal Lynx Tabby Point Highlander Male Curled Ears Dock Tail.


It's important to note here that Divinci really does not like the camera and it's annoying flashing!  I promise to get much better photos soon!  

Also Introducing:

Our Queen

Taaras Black Moon of Forever Kittens Female Black Highlander Female Curled Ears Natural Short Tail.


Equally important to note that Moon on the other hand will pose all day long for photos and I look forward to getting some exceptional pictures of her when I have more time to indulge!  

We are looking forward to producing some exquisite babies with this pair to share with other curled ear fans!  

Prices are Pet Prices

Shipping is extra

All deposits and monies put toward the purchase of a kitten are non-refundable, however you may put those monies towards another kitten of your choice.  

I am unable to reserve a kitten for you without a deposit

Will not be shipped until they reach 12 weeks of age! 

Shipping $275.00 via Continental Airlines Pet Safe Program anywhere They fly in the USA

Delta can be used at  $300.00 if Continental does not fly to that area

Pay Pal "buy now"  link below will allow you to put a deposit on a kitten or pay in full instantly and securely.



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