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Napoleon Kittens

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Phone: 765-538-CATS (2287) or Text us! 765-336-4089

Look Forward to Napoleon Kittens Summer 2014! 

This page updated Aug 13, 2013    This page updated August 13, 2013   This page updated August 13, 2013


Introducing our Future Queen "Layla"  TICA Registered Munchkin Female

Female Munckin KittenBlue-Eyed Munckin Female

All Prices listed below are PET Prices


A $200.00 dollar deposit is required to reserve the kitten of your choice.  

Please fill out an adoption application if you haven't done so already.  I will also accept over the phone applications if you have any trouble with the on-line form. 




** We offer Payment Plans**

We only accept PayPal, please note that they charge the client (you) a 2.9% fee per transaction.

Past Napoleon Kittens  NOT Available

napoleon kitten male

sooty 62.jpg (163646 bytes)Click on the thumbnails to Female Napoleon KittenNapoleon Male Kitten

Breeder Quality Napoleon Male

enlarge photos of our past napoleon kittens. 


SOLD! $800

      Male Persian

Reserved!  Future Sire of Paw City Cattery 

CFA Male Persian

Brown Tabby Bi-Color

Produced by: Mooshi (Persian)  X McKenna (Persian) 


A 2.9 % Paypal fee is automatically added to your total
A Napoleon Kitten is a wonderful addition to any family.   Not only are Napoleon Kittens and cats laid back and friendly, but they also are very loyal and super cuddly.   *

A 2.9 % PayPal fee will automatically be added to your total


Napoleon cats are also exceptionally healthy due to the very careful breeding of these cats to only PKD DNA negative Persian group cats and ensuring that the standard called for in the Napoleon cat breed provides for the utmost in the optimum health of future generations to come.  Napoleon cats and kittens can be long haired or shorthaired.  The long haired variety of Napoleon cat or kitten does not have nearly the grooming maintenance involved in Persian cats.  Long haired Napoleon cats and kittens have long silky hair that is very easily cared for, with out all the matting often associated with long haired cats.  

Reference Photo ONLY!  Kittens Below NOT available!

 Napoleon kittens standard and non standard


A Napoleon Cat is a Munchkin Hybrid

A Purebred Persian Group X Purebred Munchkin Cat = Napoleon Hybrid Cat

persian cat OR X munchkin cat = Female Napoleon Cat

The Purebred Persian Group is: Purebred Persian Cat, OR a Purebred Exotic Short Hair Cat, OR a Purebred Himalayan Cat

*Please note, the Calico Munchkin cat is not mine, nor do I take credit for him/her. I am simply utilizing him/her in order to illustrate my point.  If you are the owner/breeder of this cat please let me know so that I can give you due credit. Please note that a Himalayan cat is not pictured here as I do not have a photo of one at this time.

By clicking on the either of the Links (ICONS) below you will be taken to other websites containing a wealth of information, photos and details on the Napoleon cats and kittens. You may also find some more kittens available for sale if you did not find what you were looking for at Forever Kittens Cattery. As Napoleon breeders, we all try very diligently to work together to promote the breed for the better good of the cat. The links provided will take you to other breeders that share this same philosophy. Please note that Neither Creators Cattery nor the Napoleon Cat website is in any way associated with Forever Kittens Cattery, nor do we intend to endorse one another. I am simply providing these links as a service to my potential kitten/cat clients in order to provide them with further information on the Napoleon cat as well as to provide them with access to other Napoleon Cat breeders in the event that I do not have any cats or kittens available.

Creators CatteryCreators Cattery Logo





Clicking the Creators Cattery Icon above takes you to the Creators Cattery Website.

Napoleon Cat

Clicking the Icon below takes you to the Napoleon Cat Website

Napoleon cat Logo

The White Cat pictured Above named Clover is owned by Our Favorite Things Cattery in Louisiana! Thank you Cindy Faucheux for allowing us to present her photo here, she is a lovely example of the Napoleon Cat:)

Our Breeding Pair:

Future Dam: Layla Munchkin Female                                             Sire: Mooshi Persian Male



* While we understand your desire to add one of our special kittens to your home, please keep in mind that we will not over-breed our Queens. The health and safety of our cats and your future kittens comes first in our cattery, therefore it is sometimes necessary for our clients to wait several months before a new litter is available.

We thank you for your understanding in this delicate matter.

Forever Kittens Cattery

Prices are Pet Prices

Shipping is extra

All deposits and monies put toward the purchase of a kitten are non-refundable for any reason, however you may put those monies towards another kitten of your choice.

I am unable to reserve a kitten for you without a deposit

Will not be shipped until they reach 12 weeks of age!

We offer ground shipping, the prices tend to be cheaper than either airline.


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