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Highlander Kittens

 TICA Registered


Highlander Kittens are HERE!  Scroll down for photos!

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Forever Kittens Cattery has decided to offer a wonderful new breed to our clients!  As many of you know, we have a great love for the curled eared variety of cat, this interest attracted to us a lovely rare breed known as the Highlander cat.

highlander cat breed example

 Highlander Cats have Natural Short tails, Curled Ears and can be rather large sized.  They are slow to mature, continuing to grow for up to 3 years.  So, keep in mind that your sweet "little" baby will get to be a "BIG" baby.

About the Highlander Cat

The Highlander is currently a Preliminary New Breed with the International Cat Association (TICA). 

 If purchasing your Highlander from breeders not listed on the Highlander Breeder's website, ask for proof of TICA registration before you buy.  If they  cannot provide proof of TICA registration it is NOT A HIGHLANDER!  

For MORE information on the Highlander Breed Please Scroll down past our available kittens.



Soon to be offering Poly footed Highlanders

***We offer payment plans***

**Pricing is based on the Quality of the kitten**

Prices are pet prices, expect to double the price for breeding.

We only Accept Pay Pal, please note they charge the client (you) a 2.9% fee for each use.

This page updated Saturday August 27, 2013



Chipmunk Female Highlander Kitten

Photo above Taken 27 Aug 2013

SOLD! Chipmunk is a future Queen for Rottins Cattery in Alabama.

DOB July 17 2013


Female Highlander 

Curled Ears

Natural Short Tail




A 2.9% PayPal fee is automatically added to your total


Charlie Male Highlander Kitten

Photo above Taken 27 Aug 2013

Reserved! Congratulations Miheala and Marco of Florida!

DOB July 17 2013


Highlander Male

Natural Short Tail

Straight Ears






Katniss female Highlander kitten

Photo 27 Aug 2013

Keeping!  Katniss is staying with us as a future Queen here at Forever Kittens Cattery!

DOB July 17 2013

Curled Ears

Long Tail

Great Coloration

Sweet Personality


A 2.9% paypal fee is automatically added to your total

 Highlander cats are well renowned for their ability to adapt easily to any situation.  They get along very well with large breed cats such as Savannahs, and Bengals.   The Highlanders unique look of the wild mixes quite well in the large breed cat lovers family and makes for a fabulous conversation piece.  Not to mention the hours of entertainment they provide with their boundless energy and never ending antics.  The cuddles and purrs they give out to all whom they encounter endear them to even the most devoted "non cat people."



Ziva female Highlander Kitten

Photo Above Taken 27 Aug 2103

Reserved! Congratulations Denise of Indiana!

DOB 17 July 2013


Female Highlander

Curled Ears


Ziva is our first Rumpy Kitten at Forever Kittens Cattery

A 2.9% Pay Pal fee is automatically added to your total


Please read the information page for further details on kitten adoption        

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"Elsa"  TICA B3P 

DOB August 5, 2011

 Queen at Forever Kittens Cattery

Elsa is NOT available, this photo is for reference only:)  

Past Highlander Kittens

NOT Available!

highlander kittenhighlander kittenhighlander kitten



008.JPG (228002 bytes) 004.JPG (389091 bytes)Badou collage.jpg (452545 bytes)Highlander Female NST, CEhighlander Hazelnut DOB Nov 2 2012Highlander Latte DOB Nov 2 2012Highlander Kitten Nov 2 2012Highlander Pecan DOB Nov 2 2012Hihglander Female Moonie Elsa MomMale Highlander KittenFemale HighlanderFemale Highalnder Kitten

Click on Thumbnails to make photos above larger.





What makes a Highlander a Highlander and not a Highland Lynx ~ as told to me by Holley Wise-Nicholson:

 Highland Lynx was the original breed registered with REFR.  Joe Childers, the breeder chose to call the straight 

eared kittens Desert Lynx, Pure white kittens-Alpine Lynx, Curly coat kittens-Mohave Bob.   Except for the one f

eature in  each cat, they were the same breed. 

When the Highlander Lynx was taken into TICA and made into a Highlander, it became a different cat really, 

with different standards and different rules.

So if we register our cats as Highland Lynx with the REFR, all the kittens with straight ears are called Desert 

Lynx, and those with curled ears are the Highland Lynx.  

If we have Highlander cats and register with TICA, ALL kittens born of Highlanders are also Highlanders 

(regardless of ear or tail manifestations) Much like a Manx born with a tail is still a Manx.

 **In short the Highlanders are TICA Registered and though they got their bearings in the Highland Lynx with 

The REFR registry, they are now their own cat.  The Highland Lynx and the others mentioned above are 

registered with REFR.

History Of The Highlander Cat

The following information was acquired via internet research and via Highlander chat lists.   If the original author of the following will please contact me, I will be more than happy to give you due credit.  I am not the author of the following ~ though believe it is quite accurate:  The Highlander catsí roots are somewhat of a mystery with legends of bobcat hybrids, descendents of Hemingway cats, and spontaneous mutations in barn kittens. The true beginnings of the breed may never truly be known, but we do know that it is descended from the Highland Lynx, which is a cat created by using a variety of breeds, including  American Curl, American Bobtail, Jungle Curl,  Junglebob, as well as a variety of other breeds.

The Highlander has many unique features and in fact is a powerful looking animal, but in reality, it has a fun loving, playful, and laid back personality, which makes it the perfect cat for any household. The Highlander is usually a large cat, although females tend to be smaller than males. Other unique features, which make this breed stand apart, include the slightly curled back ears and the naturally short tail. Highlander breeding programs continue to selectively breed to protect and enhance this distinctive look as well as to enhance the bloodlines to keep them genetically different and pure from other breeds. Although their look is one of power and fierceness, Highlanders are fun-loving, good-natured cats that constantly entertain their humans with zany antics. They enjoy being the center of attention.

Although the Highland Lynx was created in 1994, the Highlander breed was not recognized by TICA until 2005. There are Highlander breeders throughout the United States and they are working to progress this unique and amazing breed through the New Breed program until they eventually achieve Championship status and are considered a true purebred cat. 

 This is a very adaptable and loving breed that is equally happy in a very active or a very quite home. They get along well with children and other pets.  Here at Forever Kittens we will continue to strive to achieve the TICA breed standards for the Highlander and share these wonderful cats with the public!


Kittens seen below are for Reference ONLY they are not available!

If you would like to be put on our Highlander Waiting List, please send me and email and we will add your name.  These kittens really go fast, so don't hesitate!

Forever Kittens Cattery Phone: 765-538-CATS (2287) or Text US >>765-336-4089


Our blog: http://windyhillladventures.blogspot.com/

Seen Below is our  Breeding Pair 

     Our Breeding Pair

 Sire: "Impulse" Highlander Male 


DOB Nov 03, 2012

Highlander Stud X

  Dam: "Elsa" Highlander Female 


DOB Aug 5, 2011

Highlander Female Elsa



We are producing some exquisite babies with this pair to share with other curled ear fans!  

By clicking the logo to the left, you will be taken to the Highlander cats Breed group, where you will find a wealth of information, photos and details on Highlander cats.  You may also find some kittens available if you did not find what you were looking for at Forever Kittens Cattery.  

As Highlander breeders, we work very closely together in order to do what is in the best interest of the breed.  


**Please note, these cats are NOT munchkin hybrids and are larger than than (and of normal leg length) of normal domestic cats. 

**It is important that you understand that I will NOT be docking the tails of cats born without a natural short tail.  They will come to you with the tail they were born with ~ whether it be Natural Short Tail or not.:)  The cats born with long tails can be used in breeding programs when bred with Natural Short Tail cats.  The length of the tail does NOT affect the cats wonderful personality, health, or coloration:))  

Prices are Pet Prices

A $200.00 Deposit is required to reserve the kitten of your choice,

All deposits and monies put toward the purchase of a kitten are non-refundable for any reason, however you may put those monies towards another kitten of your choice.  

Will not be shipped until they reach 12 weeks of age! 

We Offer Ground Shipping, the price tends to be cheaper than either airline.  

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